Translation of the old German script (Sütterlin, Kurrent)

You are looking for a transcription of the old German script (Sütterlin, Kurrent)? I would be glad to translate your handwritten text from the old German script into a readable document. You will receive a copy which is correct to the letter, according to the standards of the “Archivschule Marburg”. I will not change the wording and spelling of the original.

The first viewing of your Sütterlin text and an offer are free of charge and non-binding for you. Please send me your text as a scan, preferably in greyscale and with the highest possible resolution, to info@altdeutsche-schrift.org or by fax to (+49) 931 30 69 98 699.

Please provide me the following information:

  • what do you know about the document, especially names of people and places,
  • and your billing address

If you have any questions feel free to call (+49) 931 30 69 98 690.

If you would like a German into English translation I can provide you with a contact. Otherwise I could explain the old German vocabulary in footnotes using modern German for an extra charge.


  • In average the price is about 10 Euros per page, depending on page size and level of difficulty. For texts before the year 1700 A. D., idiosyncratic handwriting, complicated tables, large formats, etc., the price per page could also be higher.
  • Minimum order value are 15 Euros.
  • I would be glad to provide you with an individual offer. Please send me a sample of your document to info@altdeutsche-schrift.org or by fax to (+49) 931 30 69 98 699.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.